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The Perfect Squat - Do These 3 Things

Doing squats is seemingly a simple exercise. But are you doing the perfect squat? Learning how to squat properly will prevent knee injuries, back pain, and can even improve your balance. So make sure you follow these 3 simple tips to complete the perfect squat.

  1. Keep those knees and legs parallel: When completing a squat, make sure to keep the toes straight ahead and the knees pointed straight. When bending the knees, make sure they stay parallel and do not come together. This can prevent knee pain, ankle injuries and hip problems. So remember to keep parallel the entire motion.

  2. Hinge at your hips not the back: When doing a squat, you should be bending at the hip joint and not at the spine. To do this correctly, stick your behind backwards first, keeping your back straight. You should feel the most effort in your legs and buttocks, not your back. Learning to do this properly will prevent unwanted back injuries and will protect those knees.

  3. Keep pressure on your heels: When bending the knees and hinging the hips, make sure to keep most of the bodyweight back on your heels. This will ensure you continue to use the legs and hips, protect the knee joint, and have more stability and control during the exercise. This is the most common cue I give my clients. So stay on those heels!

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