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These are the 3 Most Important Exercises Everyone Should be Doing!

There are many forms and types of exercise out there. It can be overwhelming to figure out the right kind and best type of exercise for you. But one thing is for sure...everyone should be able to do and complete these 3 exercises. These exercises are indicators of how fit and healthy your body is, how well it functions and can prevent injury. So add these exercises to your fitness program:

  1. Squats: Doing squats is one of the most functional exercises. It mimics getting off a chair, out of the car or off the toilet! There is also new scientific evidence that links the ability to complete squats, fall risk and mortality. So make sure you keep doing those squats and keep them in your exercise regime.

  2. Planks: By completing planks you are exercising not only the core muscles, but the upper back, gluts and legs. This exercise will make you focus on core stability but also on co-contracting muscles groups. This co-contraction is important in balance and injury prevention. And even if doing a plank from the floor is too difficult, it is still helpful to complete them on an incline, like on a bench or leaning against the wall. Your body will thank you for it!

  3. Side Leg Lifts: Even though this exercise is not as functional as the squat, it targets one of the most important muscles in the body - the glut medius. This muscle is responsible for keeping our pelvic level in walking and in balancing. Keeping this muscle strong will also prevent ankle, hip, and back injuries. So make sure to get down on the floor and work that muscle!

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