What is the RENU Method and Why You Should Care?

The RENU Method was developed by Dr. Sara Mikulsky, PT to help achieve a balanced and healthy lifestyle. It focuses on 4 elements of longevity and healthy living.

R – Restore your body’s energy and help the healing process by focusing on getting the right amount and type of sleep.

E – Energize your body by learning how to properly exercise injury-free and develop the proper strength for your body.

N – Nourish your body with the right foods that help with healthy biological functioning, weight reduction and fuel efficiency.

U – Unwind your body and mind by learning proper stress reduction and meditation techniques to keep you balanced.

As time goes on, we realize that looking good is not the only thing important in our lives. We start to realize that feeling good and being healthier are a bit more important. We want to be able to walk up a flight of stairs without knee pain, play with our kids in the yard without feeling exhausted, sleep and feel refreshed in the morning and manage stress in healthy ways. We start to pay closer attention to our health and preventing disease that can lead to poor health outcomes. But how do we find the time to achieve all of this with our busy lives?

This is where the RENU Method comes in handy. I developed this method after I turned 40. I wanted to continue to feel strong, look and feel healthy and ensure a long healthy life. I wanted to continue snowboarding with friends, running with my dog, and not feeling like crap after I ate at a restaurant. I wanted a better way to mange stress and to learn how to sleep better and experience more restful nights. Out of these needs, the RENU Method was born. I want to share my techniques with you, so you can feel better, look healthier and live longer, healthier lives! I offer 3 different programs, all geared towards different levels of guidance. I offer a 4 week, 6 week and 8 week program. The 6 Week program is my signature offering.

In the 6-Week Health Transformer RENU Method you will receive:

Detailed Meal Planning

Safe Exercise Programs

Guided Meditations

Techniques for Improved Sleep

Weekly Virtual Coaching

Accountability Charts

To learn more about this new and exciting program that begins January 2021, just click this link or send us an email to inquiry.

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