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What's Your "Healthy" Life Expectancy Age?

Lately there is a lot of talk about healthy living and life expectancy. Living a long life is one thing, but living a healthy long life is quite another thing! New research shows shows that making improvements in diet, exercise, sleep and stress reduction can help improve your chance of living a healthier, longer life. Managing these aspects of health will also prevent disease, medication use, and the likelihood of hospitalizations. So how do you know where you stand on your healthy life expectancy right now? The University of Connecticut has created a Healthy Life Expectancy Calculator that can help you assess where you stand. So try it for yourself and see how long and healthy you may live! Just click the link below.

Now that you know your healthy life expectancy, how do you feel about it? Are there improvements that you can make to have a better longer life? If you are concerned about your healthy life expectancy, the RENU Method may be able to help improve your score. The RENU Method focuses on improving the 4 elements of healthy living that effect longevity - diet, exercise, sleep and stress. The RENU Method programs target each of these areas and teach the participants to incorporate these techniques into their lives. The programs also offer coaching, support and guidance to help keep things progressing and on track! For more details about the RENU Method just click the link below.

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