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Why Sleeping Could Save Your Life!

At this point we all know that sleep is important. But do you realize the impact it can have on your overall health and life? Read these 3 tips about sleeps importance in your life.

  1. Sleep Helps Metabolism: Research has shown that when we sleep our bodies and organs can function better. Sleep has a function in controlling glucose levels and appetite. Without enough sleep lack of control over these elements could lead to weight gain, diabetes, or sleep apnea. As we have seen over the last few months, people with diabetes and obesity are at greater risks for contracting COVID-19 and suffering severe complications.

  2. Sleep Reduces Inflammation: When we sleep our bodies work to clean up the chemicals that cause inflammation. During the sleep process, the body can appropriately dispose the inflammation waste. Keeping inflammation under control helps reduce fatigue, weight gain, and chronic pain. Additionally as we learn more about COVID-19, it is suspected that this disease leads to severe inflammation. New research has shown that people who had good amounts of sleep and sufficient levels of melatonin in their systems suffered less severe symptoms of COVID-19.

  3. Sleep Protects Immunity: Sleep can help our immune system rest and rebuild. Research has shown that when we get enough sleep, our bodies are better able to fight off infection. Studies have also suggested that even getting a good nights sleep before the flu shot, can lessen any negative effects. And as we have seen during the COVID-19 pandemic, many patients immune system go into overdrive. This overdrive is suspected to cause such a wide range of symptoms in COVID-19 patients.

For more details about sleep and COVID-19 you can read this article posted in the Atlantic. And for more information about healthy living, exercising and stress reduction, you can visit my website at


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