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3 Reasons Exercise and Nutrition Have to Work Together

Getting fit and healthy not only requires one to eat right, but to also exercise right. Nutrition and exercise regimens should match each other, and work towards fitness goals. It's nearly impossible to be successful if you ignore either one of these. Here are three reasons why one should pay attention to both nutrition and exercise.

Lifting weights can help you lose weight. If your goal is losing weight, it may take more than just eating more veggies and cutting out fat. Eating the right foods is complimented by resistance training. As you build lean muscle mass, your body will burn more energy efficiently. This can improve weight loss, reduce fat retention and impact overall health.

Eating protein can improve exercise tolerance. Eating the right kind of protein is also important in exercise. Protein is a very effective fuel for our bodies. Therefore it can help you sustain loner periods of exercise without fatigue. This can make your workouts more effective, longer lasting and leave you feeling energized.

Both can prevent chronic disease. By eating right and exercising together, you can reduce weight, improve muscle mass, reduce fatigue, improve blood circulation, and impact metabolism. All of these things together will reduce risk of heart disease, diabetes, liver and kidney disease, and obesity. So make sure to pay attention to both nutrition and exercise.

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