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Back to School Backpack Tips

back to school is here and that means kids will be returning to homework and school work. Making sure your children has the right backpack and fit prevents injuries like back and shoulder pain. So follow these tips to make sure your child is safe and has the right backpack

The shoulder traps fit correctly. The shoulder straps should be both adjustable and the correct width. Shoulder straps allow the backpack to be adjusted appropriately on the back. It should sit equally in the middle of the spine just above the buttocks and between the shoulder blades. Also the strap width should be correct, not placing too much stress on one section of the shoulder nor rubbing against the arms or chest.

The correct size is used. Your child’s backpack should never be filled more than 10% of the child’s body weight. So the backpack should also be the correct size for the child. Carrying a backpack that is too large may put your child at risk for back or shoulder injuries. The backpack should also not over the hips or bittocks, and should be squarely in the middle of the back.

There are multiple pockets. A backpack that has multiple pockets and sections allows for better weight distribution and avoids over loading one area. It can also be helpful to have areas for laptops and other technology to protect your child and cushion the equipment.

At the end of the day make sure the backpack is not causing pain in your child. Check to make sure their backpack is not over-filled. And for more tips on backpacks, make sure to visit


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