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Do you Run for Exercise? Make Sure to Follow these Tips

Running is a great way to get out and exercise. It is a total body exercise that helps us burn calories, lose weight, and improve our cardiovascular system. But we must be careful about injury and overuse. I was recently quoted in the INSIDER and BEACHBODY about ways runners can prevent muscle cramps and foot injuries.

Here are a few previews from the articles.

From the Insider:

There are various reasons side stitches may occur. "It is thought to be related to improper training, dehydration, incorrect breathing, weak core or pelvic floor muscles, or eating too much before activity," says Sara Mikulsky, MD, a physical therapist and owner of Wellness Physical Therapy, PLLC in New York City. "More often side stitches will occur in a novice runner or athlete, but experienced athletes can also get this cramping."

From BeachBody:

The right shoes can make a difference between a painful run and a personal record.

But certain factors that go into choosing the best shoe — like foot shape and arch structure — can be hard to self-assess, says Sara Mikulsky, DPT, a certified personal trainer and regular runner.

You can read both of the articles by clicking the links below:

BeachBody Article - click here The Insider Article - click here

. For more helpful tips on running techniques, preventing injury, and recovering from injury, please visit my website at


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