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Family Friendly Exercise During the Holidays

The holidays is a great time to get together with friends and family. But just because you are celebrating together doesn’t mean you need to give up exercise. Instead, try exercising together! Check out these family-friendly exercise ideas and give it a try this holiday season.

Go for a walk: Taking a family stroll after dinner is a great way to stimulate digestion and improve blood flow. This can also help that feeling of “over-eating”, and reduce bloat and discomfort. It’s also an activity that everyone in the family can do Including the family dog. So get outside for some fresh air and holiday cheer.

Caroling together: Singing carols together may not be total cardio but it will get you up and moving. Singing songs by the piano or grabbing that guitar can get everyone up and moving. Sway to the music and use those lungs to get the body moving. So pull out your favorite holiday tunes and get things going!

Play a game: Pulling out your favorite games like Twister, charades, or Guitar Hero will get the family on their feet and moving. Joining in the excitement all together will prevent everyone from just sitting around and eating more. So get out those fun games and get everyone involved.

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