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Keep Active in Cold Weather. Try this Easy Workout!

During these cold winter months it can be difficult to keep active, especially outside. So keep motivated with this indoor, no equipment needed workout.

Squats: Start with feet hip width apart. Slowly bend your knees shifting the weight to your heels as your bottom goes back. Bend knees to 70 degrees and return to starting position. Repeat 20 times.

Push-ups: Start with hands on the floor shoulder width apart. Prop up on the balls of your feet keeoing abs and gluts tight. Then slowly bend your elbows to chest level keeoing your body straight. Return to starting position and repeat 20 times

Lunges: Start with one foot forward and the other back, toes straight ahead. Slowly bend both knees keeoing the pressure on the front heel. Bend knees straight down to the floor and then return to starting position. Reoeat 20 times on both legs.

Planks: Start in the push up position on hands and feet. Pull in abs. Squeeze the gluts and relax the shoulders, as you breath and hold the position for 20 seconds. Repeat two times.

Repeat the above program one to two more times, cycling through each exercise.

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