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Shoveling Snow This Winter? Protect Yourself From Injury by Doing These 3 Things.

Winter is here and snowstorms are upon us. Shoveling snow is one of the most common causes for injury in the wintertime. Make sure to do these 3 things to protect yourself this winter.

Push with the legs. When using a shovel to push snow, we should also use the legs to do most of the work. Keeping the spine upright and stacked will help prevent injury to the spinal structures. When doing this task, think about puling in the abs and pushing forward by taking steps and pushing with the hips. Push off the back foot to create force and push the snow forward. Try not to bend over the shovel, but rather squat down.

Square off the hips. In addition to using the legs to shovel, our stance and posture is just as important. By having a widen stance, with one foot back and one foot forward, can help reduce abnormal forces on the spine. This can also help with maintaining balance on slippery surfaces or while limiting something heavy.

Do not twist the spine. When moving snow off a walkway, it can be difficult to not twist the body. If the twisting occurs in the spinal segments, this can put us at risk for back injuries. Instead, take a step in the direction you want to move the snow. Use the legs and hips to pivot and move the snow. Do not lift and twist in the back.

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