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The Most Common Health Mistakes _ According to the Health Professionals

I was recently invited to participate in a health expert roundup regarding the most common health mistakes. 80 of us health professionals participated in this written discussion, providing many different perspectives and knowledge from our fields. Here is what I said:

Not treating pain

Pain tells us that something in the body is not right. But often we think the pain will “just go away.”

However, ignoring pain that lasts longer than 3 days can lead to long term health issues or injuries. If your pain feels muscular, meaning it only hurts with movement, seeking advice from a physical therapist can help.

A PT can refer you out to the correct medical provider or prescribe exercises that will combat the pain.

Exercising incorrectly

If you have never exercised before nor have a background in health sciences, it is probably a promising idea to seek a professional’s help.

Collaborating with a certified personal trainer or physical therapist will provide you with a customized program, designed to target weak or tight areas of your body.

This will help improve your outcomes, prevent injury, and improve posture.

Working with bad ergonomics

Many of us spend long hours at our computers and desk. And working in a non-ergonomic design can lead to back pain, neck pain, or wrist injuries overtime.

We can also develop eye strain or repetitive stress injuries that can nag us for years.

Seeking the advice of an ergonomic specialist or physical therapist can provide you with a proper desk or computer design, specified to your body type. This will help improve concentration, reduce pain, and elevate efficiency.

To read the full article you can check it out here. And for more information about treating pain and exercising correctly follow my blog at


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