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Too Much Online Shopping Giving You Neck Pain? Try These 3 Things to Stop the Pain.

With the holidays around the corner, we have all become accustomed to online shopping. But spending hours on your smartphone or computer looking for those deals may be hurting your neck! So try these three things to combat neck pain.

Screen Position: Spending many hours looking down at your phone or staring into your computer can put the neck in awkward positions. These positions can stress the joints and muscles of the neck leading to pain. Therefore, you should remain aware of your neck position. By simply holding the phone straight up in front of you or keeping the top of the monitor at eye level can prevent neck pain. Having screens in these positions will keep the beck straight and neutral, preventing stress on the structures.

Body Position: When we sit, more stress is placed on the spine. This is largely because of gravitational forces and our body's center of mass. The longer time we spend in sitting, the more stress we place on our spines. So while shopping for those deals online, try changing positions from sitting to standing. Whether you stand with your smartphone or use a standing desk, take a break from the sitting position can prevent pesky neck pain.

Upper Back Support: Many times when we are online shopping we are sitting on the sofa, laying in bed, or on the floor with our computer. However, all of these positions can place more stress on the neck overtime. While siting, it is best to have the upper back supported by a high back chair or supportive sofa. In standing, engaging the shoulder blades and squeezing them back can also support the neck and prevent undue stress. With the upper back in an aligned position, the body with be better positioned and supported, preventing pain.

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