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Want Better Posture? Try These 3 Stretches to Improve Posture Now

Having good posture not only makes us look better but it also prevents injury and pain. So check out your posture in the mirror and try these three stretches to improve your posture today.

Doorframe Chest Stretch: Keeping the chest muscles flexible and open can improve our upper trunk posture. To complete this stretch simply stand in a doorframe with forearms and elbows supported on each side. Take one small step forward while keeping your arms up on the frame. The stretch should be felt across your chest and no pain should occur in the shoulders. Hold for one minute.

Half Kneeling Stretch: Keeping your hips open and flexible can improve your lower back posture and prevent pain. To complete this stretch start in a kneeling position with one leg forward. Then tighten your buttocks and push your body forward. A stretch should be felt in the front thigh of the back leg. No stress should be felt in the ba k. Hold for one minute.

Upper Back Extension: Keeping your upper back flexible allows for better trunk extension and upright posture. To complete this stretch sit up in a low back chair. Place your hands behind the base of your head and neck. Slowly lean over the back of the chair. A stretch should be felt in the upper back and chest. Hold for 10 seconds. Then repeat five to ten times.

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