3 Healthy Turkey Day Recipes

Thanksgiving is around the corner and it’s time to start cooking. During this food holiday, it’s hard to keep on track with diet and exercise. So try these recipes to give you a little help in the diet department. As for the exercise, get out for that Turkey Trot Friday morning! Fresh Green Bean Casserole: This recipe is play on that good old classic grandma used to make. Ingredients: 1 pound of fresh green bean s (ends cut off) 1 cup of milk 1 tablespoon of soy sauce 1 small packet of mushrooms sliced 1 Large white onion Dash of Pepper Avocado Oil Directions: First dice half of the onion and slice the rest of it. Take the diced onions and gently sauté it with avocado oil until golden b

3 Ways Your Desk Is Killing You!

Your computer screen is at the wrong height: Having your computer monitor at an incorrect height can lead to neck pain, shoulder pain and even headaches. This is due to large extension angle that is placed on your neck, causing tension in the muscle. If this position is sustained overtime, you could also develop neck arthritis! At the same time, if the screen is too low, you may also develop neck pain and upper back discomfort. The correct height for your monitor is aligning the top of the screen to eye-level. If your screen doesn’t adjust, try placing some books underneath to increase the height. To lower the height, place the monitor on a lower surface. Your chair doesn’t offer the

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