A Healthy Brunch Menu

Planning a brunch menu can be tricky when trying to keep it healthy. Instead of serving pancakes and bacon, which contain large amounts of bad sugar and bad fat, stick to fresh, whole foods like spinach, eggs, and blueberries. Try this menu lineup for your next brunch event! Caprese Stratta 14 eggs Handful of fresh basil leaves 3 plum tomatoes diced 1 cup of crumbled feta 3 slices of Gluten Free bread cubed (optional) Directions: Mix everything in a large bowl, making sure to mix egg yolks. Pour into oven safe dish and bake at 350 degrees for 45-60 minutes. Make sure egg is cooked and fluffy. Fresh Mint Fruit Salad 1 cup of blueberries 1 cup of raspberries 2 small peaches diced 1 tables

Fear Bad Sugar, Not Good Fat!

For years, we have been told fat is bad for you and that you should avoid it at all costs. At the same time, there is huge industry around "low-fat" foods - most of which are "processed" and replace fat with sugar. For decades, Americans have listened to this marketing and have stuck to the low-fate diet. Unfortunately, the advice to avoid fat is wrong! To be exact we should be eating fat - but only the good fat. Sugar on the other hand, should be avoided at all costs! So how can you identify good fat and bad sugar, keep reading. Bad Fat: Bad fat really refers to saturated and trans fat. What exactly are these two fats - basically animal fat and processed fat. You can find this bad

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