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Flu Shot? Three Reasons to Get It Today!

We have all been hearing about the COVID vaccines, but what about the flu vaccine. Getting this vaccination is just as important as getting other shots. Here are three reasons you should visit your doc to get the shot.

1. Protect your immune system - If you happen to not get the vaccine and are exposed to the flu your immune system will have to stop and fight off the flu. This can stress your immune system making you more suspectsble to other viruses like pneumonia and COVID. 2. Protect your loved ones. Getting yourself vaccinated can prevent the spread of the flu especially to those more at risk for infection like older adults or very young children. What’s a better reason than keeping those you love well! 3. Decrease chance of illness. Getting the flu shot can help build immunity in your body. Therefore you are less likely to get sick this winter, and you will able to enjoy the holidays and feel healthy and well.

Speak to your doctor or local pharmacy and sign up for your flu shot vaccination today!


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