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Traveling This Holiday Season but Still Need Care? Try Telehealth to Keep You Moving

Traveling for the holidays can impact your ability to stay on top of your health goals. But that doesn’t need to be the case. Instead, continue to work on your goals by trying telehealth. And check out these three ways virtual care can be helpful for you.

Keeps You Honest: Sometimes, "out of sight" means "out of mind." Meaning, if you don’t have your usual physical therapy or personal training check in, you forget about your exercises. But if you still have your check in while away, you are more likely to stick to your program.

Helps in a New Environment: When you are traveling you may not know exactly how to stay on top of your exercise goals. Having a virtual physical therapy or personal training session can allow you and your provider to troubleshoot the new environment. Together you can figure out new ways to get through your exercise program even if you don’t have your usual equipment.

Answers any Pop-up Questions: Sometimes when we are traveling a new health issue may arise. Telehealth is a great way to check in with your provider to ask questions about the new issue. Then a new health plan can be developed. This allows you to manage now instead of waiting for your return.

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